Eating well begins at the supermarket

Don’t really know if you’re putting the right things in your shopping trolley? Unsure what the descriptions and small print on the package mean for your health? Do you sometimes ask yourself if there aren’t other dishes that would offer your loved ones some variety, whet their appetite and put a smile on their face? Need new tips and ideas?

Or are you sometimes unsure how to recognize good quality, fresh fruit and vegetables at a bustling market stall or at the supermarket? Do you often find you can’t tell what quantities you need for your meals and end up buying too much rather than too little?

I can gladly advise you and, if you wish, accompany you when you go shopping. Together we can examine your wishes and goals based on your individual situation. I can cater to your personal preferences and wishes, and advise you on the right food.

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I look forward to hearing from you.