Nutrition Consultations for schools and day care centres

Not every lunchbox contains a nutritious snack, and not every school canteen offers food which is both delicious and healthy. Often children turn their nose up at the food they’ve been given and eat unhealthily either out of habit or because they don’t know better. After all, it’s difficult for parents prepare a different, tasty, healthy meal every day. Although the day is long and the lessons are demanding, many children don’t eat the right food to give them the concentration and stamina they need to meet the challenges of the school day.

I offer school visits where, together with the children, we can fill their lunchboxes with tasty, nutritious food and give them ideas for healthy alternatives in their breaks. We create individual snacks together, bringing in the likes and dislikes of each child. I can also give orientations at parents’ evenings.

I also work with school kitchens, analysing the food on offer and the ingredients used. I can give tips and information to make the canteen a place which gives students enough mental and physical energy to see them through the second half of the day.

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