Current courses and dates

These are my current courses.

The courses listed below are planned. If you are interested in attending them, you can contact me here. I will then contact you about dates, prices and other details.


Fingerfood stands for simple cuisine when you’ve received an invitation or need to bring something to a party or a picnic. The focus in this course is on delicious and healthy Mediterranean delicacies.

Vegetarian spreads

We make delicious spreads from different pulses, which are particularly nutritious thanks to their high protein content. Because of their low glycemic index through complex carbohydrates, pulses can help prevent Diabetes. If you want something different that’s delicious on bread, this is the course for you.

Which sauce goes with which pasta?

In this course, popular Italian pasta dishes are complemented with the right sauce. The use of different oils and herbs provide diverse flavours/tastes, and you get important information about oils.