Mediterranean food and good health go hand in hand

Eating well and feeling fit and healthy is a central theme in my life. For over 25 years I have been involved with nutrition, health and well-being. As a passionate and avid cook with a cosmopolitan background, I am completely at home with Mediterranean cuisine and bring my experience and know-how as a nutritionist into the wonderful, delicious and nutritious dishes of my homeland, Italy. I am certified through the ILS institute in Hamburg as an internationally recognized nutritionist.

The goal of my consultations and courses is to combine health and enjoyment through an intelligent diet. I invite you to discover the diverse delicacies of Mediterranean food, to bring the Italian sun, atmosphere and gastronomic culture to your table. With my consultations and courses I would like to share with you the joy of cooking and eating, and support you and your health and well-being.


Letizia Magliocchetti


I recently went through a period of temporary lactose intolerance, and Letizia’s guidance and advice were invaluable. Lactose can be found in more than just dairy products, and she helped me become more aware of what foods were suitable. This enabled me to adjust my diet and avoid the unpleasant symptoms that come with this condition.

David J., Berlin

I met Letizia few years ago. Her view of an easy way of cooking to make your life easier and healthier impressed me a lot. She was highly professional and her recommendations easy to follow, even when travelling on business or vacation. After a few discussions with her I won a positive and healthy attitude towards food and eating habits. Since then we have kept in touch and she still gives me suggestions or replies to my questions by Email.

Liz W., London

Letizia motivated me to adopt an exercise regimen that fits my time schedule. I am losing weight slowly, I do not feel deprived of any foods and I am not under pressure. Thanks to the little modifications in my diet, I feel much better and I have learned some really healthy recipes.

Gordon S., Berlin